Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's occupy the occupiers!

The problem:
The occupy movement has created energy for reform. But who will claim this reform? Slavoj Zizek said the following in his interview with Al Jazeera: (This is a slightly shortened version, I hope I am doing Slovoj justice.)
Who will fill the gap? We need to fill the opening and take risks because the existing order has come to an end. We see it more and more through a series of phenomena: economic crises are becoming a permanent state of emergency and new divisions are raising up within states not only between rich and poor but also between those included and excluded from public space and political engagement. If we do nothing we will approach a new type of authoritarian society because the marriage between capitalism and democracy is over. The battle now is not will things go on or will there be a revolution? We should fight the most difficult struggle for who will appropriate this energy of protest? 

The solution:
Applying the principles of agile reform:
  1. Let's keep repeating our vision: Government should be by and for the 99%. Now let's implement all changes that contribute to this goal. Changes should be small but many.
  2. There is no need to talk until we have the silver bullet. Several solutions can be competing to solve the same problem. Appropriate the energy of protest before the wrong changes fill the space!
  3. It is time to start doing. Just choose your topic, check whether the outcome will contribute to "Government by and for the 99%" and go for it!
  4. Solve the problem in your street, your neighborhood, your province, your state, your country or the world. But in this order. 
  5. Learn from failures but never stop doing! Remember Slavoj: If we do nothing we will approach a new type of authoritarian society!

The transition:
There is no transition to this new reality. It can start now. Choose the battle within your reach and start reforming. Just do it! 
My blog is my first step. Now what else am I going to do?