Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What else can we abolish?

The Problem:
Over the past few months, this blog has made suggestions to abolish the idea that we need a plan, proposed to abolish elections, to abolish parliament as a legislator and as a controller, to abolish a national budget and to abolish the public administration. So how can this blog continue? What else can we abolish?

The Solution:
In addition of redesigning our governance system, this blog would like to question the basis of its underlying economic structure. Economic growth as the unifying paradigm behind our governance system has lost its appeal. Not in Kennedy's interpretation of the rise and fall of great powers, not only because we have reached the earth's limits to cope, not even because Darwin is said to replace Smith as the most influential economist but because our societies have reached a level of income (and efficiency) that no longer adds to the quality of our lives. The next few blogs will discuss this issue in slightly more detail. 
The Transition:
Feedback seems to suggest that the governance model proposed in this blog is still not clear. Future blogs will provide a more graphic explanation of the model and will use real life examples to illustrate how the latest trends are already pointing towards this model. 
But questioning the basis of our economic order will have to come first. So just out of curiosity Mr. Stevens, let us confuse you a bit more.